Caring and Comprehensive Estate Planning

Wills – Trusts – Powers of Attorney

Legal advice that is tailored to meet the individual circumstances and specific needs of my clients

Emily Rozwadowski Law provides comprehensive and effective estate planning for families and individuals.


Drafting a will, which is tailored to address your family’s current and future needs.


Establishing trusts to reduce estate taxes, protect assets, avoid probate and increase privacy.

Power of Attorney

Providing specific guidelines and instructions in the event of your incapacity.

Estate planning can be difficult and overwhelming. We provide advice in a compassionate and empathetic manner so you can feel secure about your future.

Assistance in naming a guardian for minor children.

Don’t automatically go for a couple. What would happen if one of the people in a couple died or if the couple got a divorce? You also want to consider if your child will fit into the family or get lost in the shuffle.

Consider the values of the potential guardians. This can include religious and political values, parenting style, and views about education.

Take age and health of the potential guardians into account.

Take finances and family life into account. Does the potential guardian have a good job? Do they travel a lot? Do they get along with others in the family?

Consider splitting up the different tasks. You can name one person to oversee finances and another person to be in charge of the day-to-day childrearing.

Assistance in naming an executor and trustee.

Name someone you trust to manage your affairs the way you want and that is reliable.

Name someone who lives reasonably close to you.

Name someone who has knowledge of tax, investments, and financial concepts.

Or, name someone you trust to get the help they need.

Name someone who is sympathetic and communicates well. Name someone who is likely to survive you.

Assistance in naming a health care agent.

Name someone who will make decisions for you even if your wishes are different from their own.

Name someone who will not let their emotions get in the way of their decision making.

Name someone who is comfortable asking questions.

Name someone who will ask for clarification from doctors and medical staff.

Name some who will be able to make decisions in changing situations.

Kind words from my happy clients

Find out what my clients say about me

"Emily is a lawyer who is a personable, articulate, down-to-earth, and engaging estate planner who helped me really get my will and trust exactly the way I want them."
Joy P.
"Emily did a wonderful job meeting our recent estate planning needs.”
Rob and Karyn D.
“I have worked with Emily on two cases and she is wonderful, and good at communicating and easy to work with.”
El C.
“Emily provides the benefit of a big-firm background with the attention to detail you would expect only at a small firm.”
Mason C.
"Putting together a trust and medical power of attorney is not something a person wants to think about."
Staci Y.