Estate planning services include:

Wills: Drafting a will, which is tailored to address your family’s current and future needs. Families with minor children can name a guardian for their children and dictate who receives their property upon passing.

Trusts: Establishing trusts to reduce estate taxes, protect assets, plan for mental disability, avoid probate and increase privacy.

Power of Attorney for Health Care: A Health Care Power of Attorney provides specific guidelines and instructions for your Health Care Agent in the event of your incapacity.

A Power of Attorney for Property: A Property Power of Attorney sets parameters and limitations for your Property Agent in the event of your incapacity.

Typical clients include:

Young families who desire to protect their children by establishing guardianship and children’s trusts.

Single Individuals who own real estate and want to ensure that their property passes to the friends and family they choose, and that their heirs are able to avoid probate court.

People with established estate plans who would like those plans reviewed and updated to reflect their current family and life.


What happens if you don’t have an estate plan?

Instead of you, the Illinois Probate Act determines who receives your property.

A court decides who will be the guardian of your minor children and who will administer your estate.

You may pay more in estate taxes and consequently the people you care about receive less of your property. Additional court involvement means it will take more time and more money to administer your estate.

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